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HEIDI THOMPSON, BFA, Swiss Dipl. Photography, BCCT

1956             Born in Canada
1974-1979   University of Art & Design Zürich, Switzerland, earned Swiss Dipl. Photography
1980-1981   Academy of Art Nürnberg, Germany, specialized in painting
1981-1982   Hungarian State University of Art, Budapest, specialized in painting
2001-2002   B.C. Open University, Canada, earned a B.F.A
2002-2003   University of Victoria, Canada, earned a B.C. Teaching Certificate

1975-1979  Attended the Vorkurs at the Kunstgewerbeschule Zürich (now the University of Art & Design Zürich) followed by a three-year concentration in photography earning a Swiss Fahigkeitszeugnis (Diploma for Photography).

1978  Selected photographer to document the Zürich Chamber Orchestra for a solo exhibition. Traveled for one month with the orchestra. Took photographs of solists including Yehudi Menuhin, Paul Tortelier, Peter-Lucas Graf and Louis Duquenoy.

1979  Assigned photographer to document Robert Ryman before and during the opening of I.N.K.(International Neue Kunst Gallery) Zürich.

1979-1980  Apprenticed with German painter Oskar Koller in Nürnberg, Germany.

1981-1982  Studied painting at the Akademie fur Bildenden Künste Nürnberg (College for Fine Art Nurnberg.) with Professor Ernst Weil. Outside of school, became private student of Klaus Schmidt, former student of Austrian painter, Oskar Kokoschka. Attended a 10-day Buddhist meditation retreat in Austria.

1982  Attended first year of the five-year master’s art program, Kepzomuvezeti Foiskola (Hungarian Academy for Fine Art) in Budapest under the instruction of Professor Kokas Ignacs.

1983  Returned to Vernon and established an art and photography studio. Exhibited paintings and photography in numerous cities in British Columbia and became member of the Virdian Gallery in New York.

1984  Received a British Columbia Cultural Grantfor a photography project and travelling exhibition entitled "Portraits of Artists".

1986  Private instruction from illuminist painter, Leszek Forczek. Attended a 10-day Vipassana meditation course taught by Mr. SN Goenka, followed by several 10-day courses for the following years.

1995  Published RECAPITULATION - A Journey by Canadian/Italian painter Sveva Caetani

1997  Created and taught a meditation course for children in Vernon and Vancouver schools called Advanced Attention Development. AAD was featured in a documentary film for CBC's Spilled Milk. Wrote an article, "Teaching Children Meditation", which was published in the Vancouver magazine Common Ground.

1998  Attended a workshop seminar for screenwriting by Micheal Hague, Vancouver. Began writing a dramatic, feature-length screeplay, entitled: "The Evening Bird" based on Sveva Caetani's life and art.

1999  Juried invitation to attend a Praxis Screenwriting Workshop, Vancouver

1998  Workshop seminar by Robert McKee, author of STORY on scriptwriting, Calgary

2001  Earned a B.F.A., Open University of British Columbia.

2002  Completed the Post-Secondary School Internship Program, University of Victoria. Received a British Columbia Teaching Certificate (BCCT).

2002-2006  Taught art in high schools and developed ArtQuest after-school art programs for children. Conducted several workshops for teachers focussing on developing art curriculum in schools.

2007  Traveled to New York to meet Joseph Marioni, Natvar Bhavsar and Joe Barnes. Attended a lecture given by Donald Kuspit.

2012  Wrote and published CALM FOCUS JOY: The Power of Breath Awareness (Coldstream Books, 2012)

2013  Invited to be a speaker at TEDxKelowna

2014  Victoria - THRIVE Interactive performance environment with realtime gesture tracking for audio/video manipulation. Kinect-for-Windows, custom software. Visuals by A. Dulic, H. Thompson, I. Lavery. Software by I. Burgess, F. Lam, I. Lavery. Premiere: Hijacked Festival, July 10 - 11, Kamloops, B.C.

2016  Kelowna International Airport / Installation with 5 abstract paintings entitled "OK Sunshine" Commissioned by the Kelowna Public Art Gallery

2016     Kelowna Airport / Kelowna Public Art Gallery "OK Sunshine" 2016
2016     Vernon / Headbones Art Gallery /"OKanagan Artists" 2016
2016     Ottawa / The Cube Gallery "Blue - A Group Show" 2016
2015     Lake Country / Public Art Gallery "They Tell You Where to Go"
2015     Vancouver International Art Fair
2015     Palm Beach Gardens / Onessimo Art Gallery (represented)
2014     San Diego / Alexander Salazar Gallery
2014     Vernon / Headbones Gallery
2014     Widen Switzerland / Galerie Halde (group)
2012     Vernon / Headbones Gallery (group)
2012     Montreal / Galerie D'Avignon (solo)
2012     La Jolla, CA / Alexander Salazar Contemporary Exhibits (solo)
2011     Armstrong Public Art Gallery / "Mind Space Energy"(solo)
2011     San Antonio, TX / Gallery Nord Exhibit "11/11/11"(group)
2011     San Diego / Alexander Salazar Art Gallery (solo)
2010     Atlanta / Bill Lowe Gallery "Bloom: The New Abstraction"
2009     Atlanta / Bill Lowe Gallery (group)
2009     Toronto / Lausberg Contemporary (group)
2009     Vernon / Gallery Vertigo (solo)
2009     Toronto / Varley Art Gallery (group)
2009     New York / Lana Santorelli Gallery (group)
2008     Montreal / Galerie Samuel Lallouz  (group)
2008     New York / Lana Santorelli Gallery  (group)
2008     Grand Forks / Grand Forks Art Gallery  (solo)
2007     Toronto / The Drawers - Headbones Art Gallery  (represented)
2005     Vernon / Vernon Public Art Gallery (group)
2000     Vancouver / Howe Street Art Gallery (represented)
1996     Vernon / Headbones Art Gallery (solo)
1994     Vancouver / Simon Patrich Art Gallery (represented)
1992     New York / Viridian Art Gallery (represented)
1991     Kelowna / Kelowna City Hall  (solo)
1991     Vancouver / Festival of the Arts (juried/group)
1989     Vancouver / Robson Square Media Centre (group)
1989     Vancouver / Community Arts Centre/BC Women Artists (solo)
1987     Vernon / Topham Brown Public Art Gallery (solo)
1985     Vernon / Topham Brown Public Art Gallery (solo)
1985     Grand Forks / Grand Forks Public Art Gallery (solo)
1985     Kelowna / Kelowna Public Art Gallery (solo)
1983     Vancouver / BC Festival of the Arts (juried/group)
1981     Hungarian / State University (group)
1980     Nürnberg / Kom Youth Centre (solo)
1980     Nürnberg Gallerie der Stadt (group)
1978     Zürich / Witikon Community Centre "100 Photographs Zürich Chamber Orchestra"

2012     Senvest Canadian Collection
2007     Samuel Lallouz Private Collection, Gallerie Samuel Lallouz, Montreal
2006     Mraz Collection, Toronto
2004     Private collection of Robert Keller, USA
2006     Corporate collection, Benefit Plan Administrators Inc. Mississauga

2006     Red Ink Works Script Competion."The Evening Bird".
1996     VanCity Book of Excellence Award for Recapitulation
1984     B.C Cultural Grant

2016     "OK Sunshine Airport Exhibition" / Okanagan Life Guillian Richards / June 2016
2012     Wrote CALM FOCUS JOY: The Power of Breath Awareness
2007     Photographs & interview Okanagan Life
1995     Published Recapitulation - A Journey, by Sveva Caetani
1992     Featured Artist, Okanagan Life, written by Carlotte Berglund
1989     Illustrated and published an art journal for children Little Bear Book
1989     Drawings, Gallerie, Vancouver based magazine
1985     Illustrations for 4 books entitled, Reflections, written by Brock Tulley
1980     Photographs, Professional Camera, May-June issue, Germany
1979     100 Photographs published into a book, Zurich Chamber Orchestra's 25 Year Anniversary

2002     Co-wrote film documentary, The Enigma of Sveva Caetani
1998     Wrote "The Evening Bird" feature film script based on the life and art of Sveva Caetani.
1997     Wrote an article, Teaching Children Concentration published in Common Ground
1995     Edited, wrote, and published the art book, Sveva Caetani - Recapitulation

2013     Invited Speaker at TEDxKelowna
2012     Lecture and Workshop: Breathe In - Breathe Art Artwalk - Lake Country
2007     British Columbia Art's Council funded lecture series, Strategies for Teaching Art
2006     Presentation on the art of Sveva Caetani, B.C. teachers, Salmon Arm
2006     Lecture & art workshop for B.C. teachers, Kelowna
2005     Invited to lecture & present the Art of Sveva Caetani in Rome, Italy.
2005     Lecture & art workshop for B.C. teachers, Vernon & Kelowna on Developing Classroom Curriculum
1998     Filmed by CBC Spilled Milk with an interview on Advanced Attention Development program
1997     Workshops for a meditation program called Advanced Attention Development
1996     Presentation on Sveva Caetani, Dante Alighieri Institute, Toronto
1995     Presentation on Sveva Caetani, Italian Cultural Institute, Vancouver

Heidi Thompson is married to luthier, Ted Thompson of Thompson Guitars
They live in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada.
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